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Mayya from Boyds AL:

 Hello George, I saw your brilliant performance in Annie at the Olney Theater about 10 years ago. Are you going to be doing any more shows in the DC area?

I hope to as soon as this pandemic is contained.  

Presh from Chapaquq NY:

How did you get so good looking?
And who is your most precious friend?
Thank you

Must be In the water in Pittsburgh. 
There's only one Presh.  And Thank you!!!!!

Patrick from Jupiter FL:

Once upon a time I saw you upon a stage, and I left with a strong desire to chase windmills. Could you explain this? 

Oh Dr. Carasco.  You know La Mancha as well as I!!!  And MIrrors, don't forget the mirrors!!

Dave from Warwick RI:

Hi George, I am originally from Beverly Ma . I relocated to RI in 2005. just before I faithfully attended the NSMT production of a Christmas Carol for over ten years. The last performance I saw I had the program signed by the entire cast including yourself. I am returning to see the production for the first time in over a decade it will be my wife's first attendance, I regret that she will not see the best ghost of Christmas Present to ever grace the stage. Hope you are well have a wonderful Holiday. 

Thanks so much Dave.  I LOVED playing that role and I would love to go back and play him again.  Have a wonderful time and Merry Christmas to you.  

Mary Ellen from Holyoke MA:

Congratulations on winning the Berkshire Theatre Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical for your portrayal of Daddy Warbucks in the Mac-Haydn production of Annie this summer. You were wonderful in the role and well deserving of this recognition. I hope you’ll be performing in the northeast again this summer. Again, congratulations!

You are too kind Mary Ellen.  Not sure when I'll be back, but hopefully soon and thanks again.  I'm still stunned that I won!!!

Mary Ellen from Holyoke MA:

My friends and I just attended the opening performance of Annie at the Mac-Haydn Theatre in Chatham, NY. You were outstanding in the role of Daddy Warbucks. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you perform in the past both at the Cape Playhouse and the Ogunquit Playhouse. I have truly enjoyed your performance in each of the productions. Best wishes for the remainder of your run in Annie. 

Thanks so much Mary Ellen.  I LOVE playing this role.

Ben from Charlottesville VA:

I was wondering if you can please send me a signed CD of All Through the night in my name with a brief message, and if so then I would greatly appreciate it very much, and would be entirely grateful to you for this 

Thanks Ben.  Have you already purchased one?  If so, just send me the liner notes with a self addressed stamped envelope to me c/o Mac-Haydn Theatre 1925 State Route 203 Chatham NY  12037 and I'll be happy to personalize it and send it back.

MIchael from Oklahoma City OK:

Congratulations on a fantastic job with HELLO DOLLY! at Lyric Theater. I saw the Sat. matinee and had a super time. I hope you will return to OKC many times and bless us with your talent.

Thanks so much Michael.  I can't wait to come back.

Nicole from Beverly MA:

 Hi George! Greetings from your fans and alumni of A Christmas Carol at North Shore Music Theatre. Do you remember Tori Cargill? She spent many shows under your robe as "Want:!! Hmmm. She was probably 6 or 7... and now (not to make you feel old, like me), she is turning 18! 

Hey Nicole, would you please fill out the form again and include your E-mail address so I can contact you about tomorrow night?

Adrienne from Kennebunk ME:

 Hi George,
We'll miss you here in Maine.

I'll be up to visit between gigs!

Annie from OH:

Did you ever appear in a small dinner theatre production of My One and Only in New York? 

Yes I played Billy Buck Chandler in My One and Only at the Elmsford Dinner Theatre in Westchester County!  Did you see it?

Roger from Dallas TX:

Thank you so much for sharing your nativity collection with the Dallas Arboretum. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It was just fantastic. I know it must be a lot work, but we thoroughly appreciate it.
Warm Regards and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you Roger!  Yes, it IS a lot of work but I love every minute of it.

Jay from Boston MA:

Why do you not play the Ghost of Chrismtas Present anymore at the North Shore Music Theatre? You were superb in that role and we miss seeing you each Christmas.

I am disappointed that I wasn't back last year and especially  for this year's 25th anniversary but the theatre has decided to go in a different direction. I LOVE playing that role.

Carol from Plano TX:

I just came from viewing and enjoying your Nativity collection at the Dallas Arbortum. What struck me was the fact that we are both of Czech decent and are proud of it and the fact that your Mom like my Mom were very talented individuals and we are both proud of them and their achievements. Thank you for sharing.

So glad you were there Carol.  I'm actually coming back for the closing day.  I've never been the exhibit while it was open so I hope to meet some wonderful people.  Come on back!!!!  Merry Christmas to you!

Jackie from Dallas TX:

I wanted to thank you for sharing your nativity collection with the Dallas Arboretum this holiday season. I went this morning with my three year old. I am teaching her about the manger, the star, the shepherds, the wise men and she looked for all of those elements in almost all of your displays. It is so magical to see and a great meaning of Christmas to learn and remind.

You make me want to get a nativity for my own home and I will be looking for just the right one.

Thanks so much.  That warms my heart.  Merry Christmas!

Becky from Grafton MA :

Loved you as Toddie so much i saw the show on Wed &came back on Friday. You're amazing! Btw, buying all of your music tonight! And loved you in Chicago at OP too! 

Becky, I'm so flattered.  Twice in one week.  I miss the show I wish you had more opportunities to see it again but we had to close.  Thanks for the compliments and I hope you enjoyed my music that you got!!!!

Taylor from Ashburnham MA:

 After the show of Victor/Victoria, I've wanted to meet you in person, but never did. If I did, I would've wanted to tell you about how my boyfriend and myself are passionate about music, and that my boyfriend tells me that I'm very passionate in singing as much as he is. I'm really good of showing my passion in singing the MKTO top hit, "Classic". I wish that I could show my passion of singing the song, I also wish that I could be in a show with you, George. You were awesome in the show of Victor/Victoria. It was the first show that I saw you in at Ogunquit Beach on Wednesday. I thought that you would've made a great Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera, or as the Phantom in the sequel, Love Never Dies and I would have wanted to play as Gustave (the Phantom's son in the 
sequel). You were awesome in the show and you really popped out. Thank you for the performance on. Wednesday, George! 

Thanks so much Taylor.  Sorry I'm late in thanking you but as soon as the show closed, I left the country for a long vacation.  I would love to play the Phantom sometime and who knows, maybe you and I will work together soon.

Joseph from Tewksbury MA:

Victor Victoria great show. A great way to spent a rainy day at the beach. I really was moved by the speech at the end.  

Thanks so much Joseph.  It was quite a weekend!!!

Carolyn from Seattle WA:

Just wanted to say you were just wonderful in Victor Victoria in Maine this past week. So very much enjoyed the show. You (and the cast) were remarkable! 

Wow Carolyn, you came a long way for vaction.  Glad you enjoyed the show.  We're having a ball.

Nancy from Sandy  UT:

 I saw you in Music Man at the Pioneer Theater Company a few days ago and was just blown away! INCREDIBLE voice and WONDERFUL performance! I hope I get to see you perform again sometime!  

Thanks so much Nancy.  I'm very proud of this production and I appreciate your kind words.

Mayya from Germantown MD:

 I attended your play of Annie back in 2010 at the Olney Theater in Maryland. I absolutely loved you as Daddy Warbucks. Any plans to do any other plays in the area?

Thanks Mayya.  I LOVED playing Daddy Warbucks and I LOVE the Olney and hope to be back soon. 

Barbara from Bronxville  NY:

Great Job & Great Voice in South Pacific Love the performance !

Thanks so much Barbara.  I LOVE playing this role.

Carol from South Glens Falls  NY:

I so enjoyed hearing you for the first time yesterday in "South Pacific" Better than Rossano Brazzi! My question - is your accent genuine or an exceptional bit of acting?

Carol, I LOVE you!  Thanks so much.  As for my accent, it's acting but I truly appreciate your kind words and I'm thrilled that you thought it's authentic. I'm calling to tell my director right now! 

Mike from Oklahoma City OK:

Congrats on a superb job on "A Little Night Music" here in OKC. Everything about it was very high standard, and I hope you'll be back for many shows to come!

Thanks Mike.  Had a blast there and hope to come back.

Bunkie from Haverhill MA:

As part of the same Christmas Carol audience that Cheryl speaks of, you are the greatest! Missed you this year as Christmas Present. Hope you come back next year!

I miss being there.  Hopefully next year!!!

Cheryl from York ME:

George here at Christmas Carol. Miss you. You are the talk of the audience around me. You are the best. Please come back cheryl

Thanks Cheryl.  I miss being there.  Hopefully next year. Merry Christmas!

Mike from OK City:

Thanks for sharing your talents here for the OKC Philharmonic Christmas Show. It was a superb performance, and really helped get me in the holiday mood. I hope you enjoyed your time here and will come back often.

Thanks Mike.  We had a ball! And I would LOVE to come back.

Michael from Auburndale FL:

Three questions I would like to ask you is what is your most memorable moment in your career, when you were a child did you have any idols and do you have any advice for a young person who wants to have a successful career like yours.

Thanks Michael.  Good questions.

My most memorable career moment (there are many) but I think what jumps out at me is when I was hired to join the ensemble of the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera while I was a freshman at Carnegie-Mellon.  That started the next 35 years for me. 

My idol was my father.  He was a wonderful man and unfortunately he passed away when I was 14 but I always have and still do look up to him. 

And my advice for anyone getting in this business is to network as much as you can.  Never turn down a role, no matter how small.  You never know where it will lead.  I'd be happy to send you an autographed picture if you send a self addressed stamped envelope to me
      210 West 50th St. 
      NY NY 10019

Richard from Chicago IL:

Here I was in New York on a Monday when most of Broadway is dark. I wanted to see something but what could be any good on a Monday? I bought a ticket to "the Fantasticks" but had low expectations. I did not anticipate the experience I had this evening. It was one of the most enjoyable performances I have seen in years. Thanx for a GREAT night.

You are most welcome Richard.  And thank you! You were a fun house!!!

Leonard from Toronto CANADA:

Saw you in the Fantasticks last week, and you were GREAT! Has anyone ever mentioned to you your character's resemblance in speaking to J. Peterman of Seinfeld?

That's a first Leonard.  And quite a compliment being that I know John O'Hurley who played that role.

Judith from Tarentum PA:

My friends and I really enjoyed your recent performances with the Pittsburgh CLO. You more than held your own in 42rd Street but you really shined in 7 Brides. Good job

Thanks Judith.  I appreciate it.

Sue from Ross Twp PA:

Was your mothers name Eleanor

No, it wasn't.  Why do you ask?

Judith from Tarentum PA:

Where did you attend school? Carnegie Mellon?

Yes, I went to CMU

Melissa from Pittsburgh PA:

 I'm at the intermission of the Pgh CLO of Seven Brides. You have an amazing voice. The cast was terrific. I saw the movie but this is the first time for the play. I figured I'd write while it was legal.

Thanks Melissa.  We had a blast.  I miss it already.

Jill from Pittsburgh PA:

 We saw The Fantasticks in NYC in March & loved your performance, so we were delighted to see you last night at the Pittsburgh CLO production of 42nd Street! The company did a great job with a simply wonderful show - first class production (and we've seen it on Broadway too!). Looking forward to seeing you in Seven Brides ...

Thanks so much Jill.  I can't wait for Seven Brides!!!

Beverly from Jackson Heights NY:

Attended The Fantasticks and was blown away by the production. The cast transformed that intimate venue to a magical place.
El Gallo, you were outstanding! Thank you for a memorable Broadway experience. Hope to see you perform again soon.

Thanks so much Beverly.  We're having a great time.  Wonderful cast and the show is fun to do.

Madison from MD:

 Hey! I just saw your new york show with my traveling group! it was realy great. Afterwards I asked if you had been in the musician, but I confused it with the sound of music! I thought it was a funny coincidence. Great job in both!

Thanks and yes, I did THE SOUND OF MUSIC at the Olney in 2011.

Max from Greensboro NC:

 Hi! I'm playing El Gallo in my high school's production of The
Fantasticks. Any tips?

First of all, Congrats Max.  It's a wonderful role.  Just remember that you run the show.  You're the Ring Master.  You get the ball rolling and guide it through.

Randy from Dallas TX:

Saw your nativity collection at the Dallas arboretum. It was
amazing. Your comment cards in front of them was very cool also. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Randy.  I understand they had record numbers coming through this year.  I wish I could have been there to meet some of you!

Jean from North Reading MA:

Attended the final performance of "Christmas Carol" at NSMT last
night with 12 family members.  So happy to see you playing Ghost of Christmas Present again.  You're my FAVORITE performer at NSMT with your good looks and beautiful voice.  Is it possible you will be starring in Sound of Music in 2013?  
What a great lineup for next year.  Can't wait.  Best wishes.  Hope to see you in future productions at NSMT.

Thanks so much Jean and Happy New Year.  Hope to be back in 2013.

Tom from Beverly MA:

Thoroughly enjoyed your performance @ NSMT in 9 to 5.  I have seen many of your performances @ NSMT...always impressed. Thank-you

Thanks Tom

Steve from Chicago, IL:

WOW...was tonight's performance of Closer Than Ever...Fantastic! Congrats! The show deserves to be
extended. My favorite: Father of Fathers. The piece should be sung twice. I'm a high school choir director, in addition to being an actor & musical director, and it's time to bring this score out for solo/duet/ensemble work. Truly inspiring performance tonight...just had to say. Thank you!

Thank YOU Steve. That's quite a compliment coming from someone with your credentials!! 

Michael from Southampton, NY:

Mr. Dvorsky, I just saw Closer Than Ever and am still blown away. All of you are incredible. I wanted to know if you ever have played, or would like to play Ben in Follies. I think you would be amazing.

More and more people are telling me that lately. I'd love to do it.

Bobbie from Sudbury, MA:

What was the first show you  performed in at NSMT?
a) Oklahoma!  b) 1776  c) My One & Only  d) A Christmas Carol

Interesting question
B  1987
C  1988
D  1989
A  1993

Lauder from NY, NY:

Saw you at the York and enjoyed your performance immensly. I look forward to seeing you on Bway very soon. The show is truly wonderful.

Thanks so much. From your mouth to God's ears.

Brenda from Gaithersburg MD:

Have you considered for your next CD a Christmas/holiday CD?     Thank you for sharing your voice with us. 

Thanks Brenda.  Actually I would LOVE to do a Christmas CD.  We're kicking ideas around.  Glad you like my latest CD.  Thanks so much.

Margaret from Beverly MA:

George, are you going to be at the Playhouse in Ogunquit this summer?

I won't be at the Ogunquit Playhouse but I will be doing 9 TO 5 at North Shore Music Theatre in Sept.

Kevin from Alexandria VA:

It was great seeing you last night with the Buffalo Philharmonic, George!  Your rendition of "Bring Him Home" was wonderful!

Thanks Kevin.  I LOVE singing BRING HIM HOME. Great to see you.

Louise from Columbia MD:

Hi George, I was at the Olney Theatre tonight May 5. The concert was wonderful. Tonight you sang Feed the Birds, I have loved that song as long as you have!!! and it makes me cry, tonight was no exception. I love your voice, thank you.

Thanks so much Louise.  I truly appreciate it.

Margaret from Beverly MA:

looking forward to seeing you at BAC and in "9-5" + seeing a photo of you bald was a shock though Michael did tell Dick you're in Texas doing "Annie"! the people will love you! see you in a few months George, have a good time there.  margaret

Thanks Margaret.  I'll have a full head of hair for 9 to 5.

Tracy from Houston TX:

The residents of The Hampton Post Oak loved your performance as Oliver Warbucks in Theatre Under The Stars’ production of Annie! Our seniors arrived at the theatre decked out in curly red wigs to celebrate opening night! You “bet your bottom dollar” that you are never too old to have fun and celebrate life every day! Congratulations on your performance.

Thanks so much Tracy.  The picture is on the Fan Pic Page.  LOVE it!!!   

Jane from Columbia MD:

Thank you for singing with our choir at St. John's. It was truly a
gift for us to share the stage with you. I just purchased the Leading Men Don't dance CD and I am truly loving it. It makes me laugh so much! I am going to bring it to work for when I get too stressed about my job. It will remind me what is important and that is laughter. Thank you!

Your music really lifts the spirit and touches the heart. Thank you!

Thanks Jane.  I LOVED the entire concert. And I'm glad you're enjoying Leading Men.  It's one of my favorites.

Bob from Rockville MD:

...what a magnificent production of The Sound of Music my son, daughter-in-law and I had just enjoyed.
Sharon had seen one of the early performances in November and had enjoyed it so much, she wanted to see it again. 
Your Captain Von Trapp was absolutely superb!
The American Theater is in excellent form when it can present entertainment of this caliber.

Thanks so much Bob. It was great meeting and talking with you.

Brenda from Gaithersburg MD:

I have just returned from seeing the performance of 'The Sound of Music' this evening in Olney, MD.  It was a very enjoyable evening and a pleasure to hear you sing for the first time.  Thank you as well for your kindness in signing my CD at the end of the evening before we left.   I know I will enjoy listening to it in the days ahead.   I wish you well with your career and perhaps enjoy another performance if you are in our area again.   Thank you again.

Thanks Brenda. Hope you're enjoying the CD.

Sue from Potomac MD:

I saw you in Sound of Music today and loved it! 

Thanks Sue!  So glad the show is touching so many people.

Kathy from Olney MD:

 i just saw you today at the olney playhouse in the sound of music you signed my program. thank you. im the person who told you about having survived cancer recently. good luck in houston. you have a new fan in me

Thanks Kathy.  Hope to see you again when if I'm back at the Olney!

Nancy from Columbia MD:

Going to Amazon next to buy your CD.  Heard you tonite at a Christmas concert and am still in awe of your incredible voice.  Thanks for sharing it!

Thanks so much Nancy.  I appreciate it and Merry Christmas!

Suzanne from Columbia MD:

O Holy Night!  It was awesome.  Thanks so much for being with us.

Thanks Suzanne. It was a wonderful evening all around!

Medley from Beverly MA:

Hey George,
I'm not sure if you remember me but I played Tiny Tim in the North Shore music Theatre's 2002 production of "A Christmas Carol". I have very fond memories of you and working with you on that show!
I just bought your latest CD on iTunes today!
Hope we will have the chance to meet again!

Thanks Medley!  So good to hear from you. I plan on being back at North Shore the summer of 2012 so I'll see you then.
 Hope you like the CD!

Christoff from Tampa FL:

Hello George,I have been looking at your web presence because my voice teacher,, Edward Crader recommended you as someone who has a similar voice to mine.  He says you
two know each other.  I got a kick out of seeing that you were in Marilyn.  I was doing A Chorus Line at the Shubert at that time right next door to Edward doing Joseph.  Small world, eh?

It's a very Small World!  Please tell Mr. Crader I said hello.  It's been too long.

Faith from Peabody MA:  

we recently enjoyed your performance in Footloose. You and the rest of the cast were wonderful.  Over the years we ushered at NSMC and have always thought you were wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful voice and exceptional talent.

Thanks Faith!

Alice and Daisy from Edinburgh Scotland:

George, when are you coming back to Scotland to visit us. We miss you.

I would love to come back.  You'll be the first to know when I do!!!!!!

Annette from Austin TX:

I have recently been introduced to, and purchased, LEADING MEN DON'T DANCE. 
What a great collection of music and talent!!  It sounds like you guys just had a blast recording it with the studio audience.  Was this made into a DVD?  I have not found one available, but am hoping ... if "Yes!" I'll keep looking!

Thanks for the entertainment!  I have had hours of enjoyment and shared it with

Thanks so much Annette. LEADING MEN DON'T DANCE will always be one of the highlights of my career.  I LOVED every one of those guys.  We really bonded and had a terrific time.  Unfortunately, there is no DVD available.

Sean from NYC:

i hear you are doing footloose at north shore music theatre. who keeps the moral up during the rehearsal process? who is the funniest person? do you see any future young stars that will take broadway by storm? you are an inspiring talent!

The cast of FOOTLOOSE is really wonderful.  I think the moral stays positive during rehearsal because of our director Mark Martino, our choreographer Vince Pesch and our MD Eric Alsford.  They all keep things moving and fun.  There are many funny people in the cast so I really can't name one and they are ALL STARS!!!  Especially Meredith Akins and Sean Watkins. 

Jen from Boise AL:

Who are your favorite actresses you've starred with in shows?

That's a tough one to answer Jen.  I usually love my leading ladies.  I was thrilled to work with Chita Rivera, Sally Struthers, Patti LuPone and I am honored to say that they've remained friends of mine.  And being that you're from Alabama, one of my favorites is Kristen B. Sharp from Birmingham. 

Sue from AL:

Are you doing any shows at CLO on Pittsburgh?

Yes, I'll be playing Utterson in JEKYLL & HYDE in June.

Caitlin from Brookville MD:

Hey,George! I saw you as Warbucks at Olney! I loved it! So I hear you're in Pete n Keely! How did ya like it?

You weren't so bad yourself.  LOVED your Annie.

Revisiting Pete Bartel after 10 years was fun. 

Steve from Fullerton CA:

Hi George! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy listening to my "Jerome Kern Treasury" CD. You and Rebecca Luker's songs together  are all so well sung. I am a Kern fan and recently found a rarer CD by Shadowland
Music/Rialto Recordings, "Eary Kern", produced by Greg MacKellan. It is interesting to compare your singing
"I'm So Buy" with Kim Criswell to singing it with Rebecca Luker on the other CD.
Just sorry John McGlinn in no longer around and making recordings! I enjoyed you in "Chitty" when it came through
OCPAC in O.C. a couple years ago. Great to see you are "working" and making it to venues all over including Maine! You need to be in a Kern show! I enjoy your great baritone voice. Regards, Steve

Thanks Steve on all accounts.  The I'M SO BUSY's were recorded years apart.  John preferred his version to be stricter to what Kern intended.  But both Kim and Rebecca are among my closest friends so we had fun doing both!

Chris from Manchester MA:

Hi George!  I'm listening to your Christmas album at the moment, and wonder if you have any recordings coming out in the future. 
Also, are there any plans for you to return to North Shore Music Theater?  I hope so!

I would love to come back to North Shore.  I hope it's soon.
And I just got the final mix of my new CD from the producer.  I'm listening to it now and making adjustments.  Hopefully it'll be out later this year.

Nicely-Nicely from Greensburg PA:

We hope you're enjoying your run
as Daddy Warbucks.  How much time does it take you to do your age makeup?

Fortunately no time at all.  All of those lines and wrinkles are REAL!!!!

Jamie from Newburyport MA:  

Hi George! I saw you in "A Christmas Carol" back in '05. I'm sorry you won't be returning this year. I wondered, when you played the role of Christmas Present, would you grow a beard just for the show and then shave it off after?

I grew that beard every year.  I actually miss it cause I hate shaving.   And what's weird, I am shaving my head for Daddy Warbucks tomorrow.

Nancy from Lynne MA:

Just saw you today in "Chicago". Cheers to you and the entire
talented cast. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Are you coming back to North Shore for the "Christmas Carol"?  Hope so.  Been a fan for many years.

Unfortunately Nancy, I won't be back at North Shore this year.  I'll miss it.  But come see ANNIE.

Debbie from McKeesport PA:

Hi! George. I was just wandering about people that past through my life and you came to my mind. Always remember how talented you are. Hope you do not mind me finding you. Hope your life is going well. And that you are having a wonderful journey. You still look great! May God Bless you and you continue on your path in life. Debbie

Thanks Debbie.  Great to hear from you.

Roger from Rochester NH:

Hi George, tonight is the second time I've seen "Chicago" at
Ogunquit. I treated a friend tonight.
Everyone is terrific, so high energy and beautiful movements.
You have a terrific presence as Billy Flynn, and besides having a great voice for the songs, you really nailed the tongue-in-cheek fun character of that rascal.
You are truly fun to watch. Thank you!
Do you know where you'll be next summer?

Not yet Roger.  But keep checking back.  Thanks for coming a second time.

Kathy from Dover NH:

I have given your name as a suggested return performer since the last time you were in Ogunquit.  I have just returned from Chicago and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Great job.

Thanks Kathy.  It's great to be back!

Ginger from North Hampton NH:

Just got back from seeing you in Chicago at the Ogunquit Playhouse. 
It was fabulous!!!  I want to go again.
  • Come on back Ginger!!!  

    Steve from South Portland ME:

    Really enjoyed your Billy Flynn in Ogunquit. Excellent production.

    Thanks Steve.  We're having a blast!

    Leah from North Berwick ME:

    Did you play at the North Shore Music Theatre as Christmas Present?

    I sure did!  For 15 years.  I was hoping to go back this Christmas for the big reunion but then got an offer to play Daddy Warbucks at the OLNEY THEATRE outside of Washington DC. that I coudn't refuse.

    Mary from Portland ME:

    Hi George - I heard that you are finally coming back to the Ogunquit Playhouse as Billy Flynn in Chicago this month!  I really hope that is true since it has been forever since you performed there.  (Well, at least it seems like forever!)  I can't wait to experience another one of your performances. 
    Welcome back to Maine! 

    Thanks Mary.  See you at the show. 

    Elizabeth from Buffalo NY:

    I think you are very handsome and have a beautiful voice.  I heard that you are going to be performing as Billy Flynn in CHICAGO in Maine.  Is that true?
  • Well thanks Elizabeth for the wonderful compliments and YES, we open Sept 15th and run through Oct 24th

    David from W. Sacramento CA:

    I think that you have an awesome voice. I came across a performance of B'way Tenors on youtube. Do you ever get a minute to send out signed photos to your
    fans? If you do, how could I get one sent to me?
    Thanks for the music!

    Thanks David, Please send me your address and when I get back to NY, I'll get one out to you.  I ran out of them here in Birmingham.  Sorry

    Joanne from Westminster MA:

    Hi Mr. Dvorsky ! I'm thrilled to find your website. I've been a huge fan for a long time and have enjoyed many of your performances at North Shore Music Theater.  Looking forward to seeing you again.

    Alex from Princeton NJ:

    Hi George!  You're an incredible, incredible performer!!  Just out of curiosity (kinda creepy), how tall are you?

    6' 3 3/4"

  • Bill from Brandon MS writes:

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance with the Mississippi Symphony on Saturday evening. WOW! The combination of you, Tamra, and the orchestra was just sensational. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in
    to reach this high level in your craft..

    I hope you're back in this area in the not-too-distant future. The whole presentation was simply brilliant.

    My best to you! - Bill Clark

    Thanks Bill


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